Introduction to UBF Bible Reading Application

The name of our church is UBF (University Bible Fellowship). In Korean, it’s called Bible Reading Fellowship. How often do we read the Bible? According to the survey of UBF members, about 50% of UBF members have little to no Bible reading apart from Sunday worship message and/or Bible study. Only 16% of the members responded that they read the Bible in a year (86 users were surveyed among the UBF Bible Reading Service users in 2016). (University Bible Not-reading Fellowship?) However, many people use their smartphones for a long time (in average 3 hours a day). Unless we change our habits, it is difficult to read the Bible constantly. This service helps us develop a habit of reading the Bible using a smartphone. This service was first introduced on the Korea UBF homepage in 2014, and there are about 2000 subscribers and about 200 members have been regularly using daily bread and Bible reading so far. Now, we have expanded the range of services for missionaries and local shepherds around the world.

1) Bible reading plan

- Reading in order from Genesis to Revelation
- Reading the Bible
- Reading along the forest of Bible

2) Reading and writing daily bread

- We can eat daily bread on PC or smartphone.

3) Various Bible materials

- All Korean and English daily bread contents since 2000
- Questions and messages of Korea UBF headquarters
- English Bible Study Materials (Question, Messages, Notes) on the LA Center Bible Verses
- John Oh’s 66 messages (Chun-ahn UBF,Staff)
- The Digital Book, ‘Bible Forest’ of Pastor Nehemiah Kim of Gwangju UBF. (This book illuminates the whole Bible as if you are seeing the forest.)

4) Personal prayer diary

- Writing personal prayer topics and managing prayer
- Checking the answered prayer, unanswered prayer, etc., and check the result & God’s will over the course of time

5) ETC

Ranking service
- Bible Reading ranking done by members weekly, which provides motivation to read
- Bible reading event can be held at each ministry
Voice service
- We use the Text-to-Speech function, one of the Google AI services, to provide Bible text voice and daily bread text voice services
English-Korean dictionary
- If you click on an English word, you can get the e-dictionary service
Comparison of Bible versions by section
- Click on the verse in the Bible text and press the Comp icon at the bottom
3 Korean Version, 6 English Version (NIV / NLT / ESV / NASB / AMP / KJV) to help you understand & interpret the Bible text more accurately
Cross-reference service
- Each verse is serviced with cross-reference in order to understand the Bible with the Bible

First home screen

Daily Bread

Study Materials

Let's Get Started Service


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